Chelsea Aitken and Millie Morgan

Entrepreneurship has always been in our hearts, Chelsea watching her mother start her own business and Millie playing an integral part in her family business. It was this shared passion for entrepreneurship that brought us together after moving to Christchurch to attend the University of Canterbury. Originating from different backgrounds with Chelsea growing up in urban Auckland and Millie growing up on a farm in the rural Mckenzie Basin means we have a diverse and true appreciation for New Zealand.

During our time at university we were chosen to attend the Entrepreneurship and Innovation summer program at Fudan University, Shanghai. It was during this programme that we were able to gain insight into the current Chinese market and the opportunities available for New Zealand businesses.

Chinese consumers are increasingly demanding clean, green and eco-friendly skincare products from New Zealand. However, for smaller New Zealand companies to gain access to popular Chinese e-commerce platforms like Alibaba it costs a minimum of $35,000USD. This is unattainable for most small and medium New Zealand skincare companies. It was discovering how we can remove these barriers that led to the creation of New Zealand & Beyond.

New Zealand and Beyond is a company striving to explore and overcome the barriers for high quality skin care products in the Chinese market. We are a young company connecting the Chinese market to our incredible New Zealand story.