New Zealand and Beyond provides a specialized mode of entry for New Zealand brands to enter the Chinese e-commerce market with ease and efficiency. The service promotes and creates an eco-system for New Zealand made product to gain traction from within the Chinese market.We are providing a service, responsible for liaising with appropriate e-commerce platforms, maintaining access to these platforms, brand awareness and creating a low risk pathway to consumers.

The marketplace will enable merchants to sell their products to China without the financial burden that the entry usually carries. It is a simple and effective way for genuine, quality skincare brands to sell their sought-after goods to an estimated audience of 307 million.

Entering the Chinese market for a small-to-medium sized company is a pathway of continuous cultural and financial hurdles. The Chinese market is a unique, lucrative and extremely competitive place for any brand to enter. Chinese customers are unlike any other, purchasing their goods and services via e-commerce channels while placing significant value on brand stories, brand relationships and brand reputation. We believe that New Zealand has a story to tell in China.

New Zealand skincare companies deserve a space in the competitive Chinese market. This is where we come in.

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